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“Do you want the unique & delicious coffee of "Xiang Shou"?

Hui Qi, the founder of the Finzo brand, set an astonishing record of a single-day sales of over 800,000 on the Internet with her slimming product MOXXI Mocha. She and her core team have always adhered to the original intention and are committed to making more people healthier, more confident and happier.

She kindly shared: "I cherish every opportunity I encounter, the trust placed in me by the team, and the core members who have been with me for many years. It is because of them that I can come to where I am today."

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Lim Huiqi's leadership charisma has attracted many housewives to join the ranks of micro-businesses that promote healthy and slimming coffee. She leads the team with the most sincere heart to improve their life and economy, and gives encouragement and recognition.

For the new generation of micro-businesses, she solemnly exhorted: "Cherish every opportunity, face challenges bravely, and cherish every learning."

The charm of Hui Qi's success is not only because of her products, but also because she manages with her heart and explores the potential of the team, so that everyone can realize their dreams under her leadership.

"If you are not brave, no one will be strong for you."