Finzo is Malaysia first most influential online business team that breaking out the traditional online marketing strategy and creating a brutal three way of succeed, which is succeed in client services, team management and company management. We will bring everyone of us succeed in our new life era.

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Watch video

Our Brand New Marketing Mode

Transparency mode created for a new personalized marketing strategy.

9 revenues model to improve profit with no border.

Systematic simple operation of one-click to start the marketing model.

Slimming product always have an unlimited market all the time.

Trusted brand that comes with high re-purchase brand.

To create a better performence platform for a better team achievement.



Success with creating successfulness

Leading the team to create achievements together and a better life though worldwidely.



Creating Women’s Confident.

Core Values

Creating customer achievement.

Creating team achievement.

Innovation as primary.

Integrity and responsibility.

Our Brand New Launched System

No deposit needed.

(full amount of product carry.)

No other hidden charges.

No high compulsory purchase.

Equal sales rewards for everyone.

Bonus monthly achievement.

Upgrade chances for everyone with team support.

Highest level agent will have option of order amount.

Indefinite award achievements.